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month 3 {june}

How Far Along: 14 weeks 0 days

Size: a beet

Gender: Well, we found out around 10 weeks using a SneakPeak test, but Russ doesn't entirely trust it, so we're waiting until an ultrasound confirms it to announce.

Name: Russ and I downloaded an app like Tinder but with name ideas (swipe left if you don't like it, swipe right if you do!). So we're occasionally discussing names for a few minutes, but definitely nothing solid. He vetoed all my favorite names that I brought to the table before getting the app.
Movement: I keep thinking I'm maybe feeling something, but I'm pretty sure it's just me feeling my body functions more acutely since it's still early.
Fun Fact: I can't think of anything at the moment!

Sleep: Is not great. I just feel like I wake up pretty frequently. I fall back to sleep quickly, but it's still an interruption! I'm mostly not sleeping on my stomach anymore. I think I'll need a pillow between my knees soon.

Weight Gain: Ughhh I…

month 2 {may}

How Far Along: 9 weeks, 6 days

Size: Wild strawberry, which I think translates to "small strawberry" haha :)

Gender: Don't know just yet, but I got one of those "sneak peak" genetic tests that you can do as early as 9 weeks, so I've already taken it and I'll send it in on Monday so I should know in a week or so! 😱😱

Name: I keep coming up with more ideas for girls, and Russ keeps vetoing them. I'm also having a hard time because I realllllllly want a name that is unique and pretty, but still normal. Like, not Shaniqua (because that's not normal), but not Ashley (because that's not unique). Like Ada -- I've only met one or two people named Ada, and I've never seen Ada on a top 100 list. That's what I want for all our kids, if possible, but I do get stuck in the trap of liking lots of the popular names. That's why Ada's middle name is Charlotte -- it's too popular to be a first name for my child, but I like it a lot! Anyw…