ada charlotte {24 months}

My sweet Ada Girl,

YOU ARE TWO! I may have said this before, but time flies when you're the parent :) I can't believe how much you've learned and grown over the last year. On your birthday last year, you had no teeth, you weren't walking, and I think you were saying about 3 words. Now you have 16 teeth, you're running and dancing all over the place, and you say at least 150 words, but I'm definitely not counting anymore. You are mischievous, helpful, opinionated, and sweet. You know no strangers because you're so very friendly! You do funny and adorable things -- like saying "come on!" to balloons as you pull them around, or saying "hi guys!" to the whole Barbie aisle. I love seeing the world through your eyes. I love YOU! Thanks for being my little best friend :)

25.2 pounds (49%) -- You've gained about 2 pounds in the last quarter, which kept you in just about the same percentile.33.3 inches (30%) -- It seems you only grew 1/3…

kauai couples trip

My parents commonly say that they don't want to leave us an inheritance when they die -- they want to spend that inheritance on us while they're still alive! That means we've gotten to go on several fun trips as a family -- and I love this way of doing things! It means we get to create more memories together :)

A few years ago, shortly after our adults-only trip to Europe (amazing!! Still haven't blogged about it though . . .), my parents started discussing where our next adults-only trip would be to. After much discussion, we landed on Hawaii. My brother Tyler said that he and Anya wouldn't be able to attend because he wanted to use his vacation days for his own family (he now has five kids of his own!), but everyone else was in! Until my sis-in-law Amy unexpectedly got pregnant and was due right around the planned vacation. So it turned into a trip with my parents and sisters (and brothers-in-law)! It was a different dynamic than usual, and I missed my brothers a…

ada charlotte {21 months}

My sweet little Ada,

You are growing up. You are learning so much every single day, and you get sweeter and sassier with each new day, too! I'm seriously amazed at how much you're able to tug my heartstrings and try my patience all in the same day. You give such good hugs and kisses -- when you want to. You also like squawking repeatedly if you don't get your way, especially if we're at church. You can certainly be a handful, but I tell you every single day that I'm so grateful you're mine, because every single day I feel that. I'm so happy I get to be your mama :)

23.8 pounds (47%) -- Only up 1.5 pounds from last quarter, and sticking right around the same percentile.33 inches (51%) -- up 1.5 inches from last quarter, too, but up 10%. I have felt like you've been eating a ton lately, so maybe you were just trying to grow really quick! :)Size 4 diapers by day, size 5 by night. We definitely need to size up (again!) for nighttime though, because you…

26 {happy birthday to me!}

My birthday was yesterday, and I had a great day! I think part of what made it so great was that I really tried to have zero expectations and to ask for(/make happen) what I wanted. Several months ago, I wrote about my "birthday epiphany" which was essentially that we should always plan our own birthdays and not put the pressure on other people to make our day great (because people aren't mind readers, and we often don't even know our own minds well enough), so I was trying to put that into practice.

As my birthday approached, I started to feel all this pressure to come up with something fun to do on my birthday. I honestly didn't have any ideas, which kinda made me feel ... dumb? ... like, why don't I know what I want to do on my birthday? But then when my birthday came, I had this realization that I was feeling pressure to do something that other people might think was cool, so I let that go and decided that what I wanted on my birthday was just to relax a…

mother's day 2018

My Mother's Day weekend was pretty perfect.

It started out with Ada having the flu/a fever on Saturday morning. She had thrown up in her bed (had no idea til I went to get her out -- she never cried about it!), so I quickly cleaned her up and put all her bed things into the wash. Then we spent the entire morning cuddling and watching Balto 2 and 3 on Netflix (it was the perfect time to get some things off my list! haha). Ada only cuddles long-term when she has a fever, so fevers are my very favorite sickness. At one point, I wanted to make myself a quick breakfast, so I left Ada on the couch by herself, watching a show. She was okay, but she kept, like, whimpering for me to come back. Haha it was so cute! Another time, I was holding Ada but had to put her down so I could go move the laundry (so she'd have her sleep stuff in time for her nap!). Ada is usually soooo quick at following me up the stairs, but because she was sick, she'd only made it halfway up the stairs by the…

state #10 -- texas

We recently got to fly out to Kyle, Texas, to visit my sister Brooke and her family. It was Ada's first time on a plane, and Russ's & my first time to Texas together -- state #10 for our United States Map! :)

We get guest passes for Alaska Airlines (essentially 10% cost for standby seats) each year because Russ's dad is a pilot. Our 2017 passes were about to expire, so we started brainstorming where we wanted to go. My only requirement was a new state. Russ wanted to go somewhere warm and suggested Texas or Florida. Since my sister lives in Texas, I suggested that, and we went with it!

Since it was Ada's first time flying, I was suuuuuuper nervous. My girl is super sleep trained and super scheduled. That means when she misses a nap, she does not know how to handle it, and pretty much loses it. It also means she is pretty much incapable of sleeping in our arms or even a carseat. However, we got super lucky for all the flights! For 3 out of 4 flights, we got a whole …