holly's birth story

It's kind of different going through an entire pregnancy actually knowing when it will all end. With Ada, we got to plan the C-section, but only the day before it actually happened. With Holly, we went into it from the very beginning basically planning to have a C-section 10 days early, just like we did with Ada. As a result, the days and even weeks leading up to birth were filled with checking off final things from my to-do list because I knew my exact deadline. It also made the last night before Holly's birth less stressful than the last night before Ada's birth. I remember with Ada, Russ and I were kind of on edge with each other the night before because we knew so much change was coming but we also felt kind of rushed to get everything done before Ada got here. With Holly, Russ and I were calm and productive the night before. We got most everything done (other than a few last-minute things we'd need to pack in the morning), and then we even chatted in bed for a lit…

month 9 {december}

How Far Along: 38 weeks 2 days

Size: App says she's the size of a spaghetti squash -- "almost 7 pounds" and "more than 19.5 inches," but my guess is that she's in the 10-pound range and at least 20 inches. Guess we'll see!

Gender: Girl

Name: Holly B 💗

Movement: Still moving all over. It's just so crazy how there's an entire human in my tummy, and how she can totally change the shape of my belly based on how she's moving. Sometimes when I wake in the night, she's moving around, and that's one of my favorite times to feel her because I'm not distracted by anything else and it feels like it's just the two of us :) (usually it doesn't keep me awake for long, which is why I like it. On days when I can't fall back asleep, I'm not as big a fan 😂)
Sleep: I almost guarantee I'll sleep better after she's born than I'm sleeping now. The hip pain, the bathroom trips, the charley horses, the rolling over -- I'm so…

month 8 {november}

How Far Along: 36 weeks 2 days

Size: According to the app, she's the size of a chihuahua or a papaya, roughly 19 inches and 6 pounds. Again, I'm pretty sure she's bigger than that already.

Gender: A second little lady :)

Name: Holly B 💗

Movement: She moves so dang much. And I'm pretty sure she decided to have her most active day EVER the day that I had the flu. Holy cow. I do NOT recommend a tummy bug while your stomach is already full of baby. All of her movements made me want to fall over and die. Also, hiccups 1-2x/day. I've decided they're my least favorite movement ha. But don't get me wrong, I love to feel her moving inside me most of the time :)
Sleep: Same issues as last month -- mostly waking up to roll over or because my hips hurt. I typically only wake to pee once/night around 3am.

Weight Gain: Thanksgiving and family in town and frequent eating have not been good to me. I gained 9 pounds in the last month 😬 bringing my total up to 45.4. Yikes.

Christmas Wish List

Some people have been asking what we might want for Christmas, so I figured I'd make one easy spot of some things we're looking at. Many things on the list are some bigger ticket items . . . apparently we want expensive things 😬😂

Amazon Wish List

Carpet Cleaning

Unpaper towels (6, natural)

Fun Date Nights

Restaurant Gift Cards

Church Board Books (top picks: women in the scriptures, the creation, the plan of happiness, book of mormon characters)

month 7 {october}

How Far Along: 32 weeks

Size: A Florida pomelo . . . whatever that is! Average size at this time is about 18 inches long and 4 pounds, but she's likely bigger than that. At an ultrasound about a month ago, she was already measuring 5 days ahead. We'll see how her size compares with her sister's!

Gender: Girl 🎀

Name: We finally solidified her name!!!!! Her name will be Holly B :) the B is after her Granny B (Barbara, Russ's mom). Everyone I asked about middle name suggestions would ask about family names, and I'd always tell them the same two things -- I'm not naming my kid something just because it's in my family line, and I'm not passing on a name I don't like. If we use a family name, it will be because it means something special to us and we like how it sounds. So the weekend we decided on "B," Granny B came to take care of Ada so that Russ and I could go on a babymoon. We got to spend some time with her before we left, and in that time, …

month 6 {september}

How Far Along: 27 weeks 1 day

Size: A bunch of bananas -- about 15 inches and over two pounds.

Gender: Girl :)

Name: We still haven't solidified a middle name. I have one that I think sounds really good, but at one point Russ vetoed it; however, when I mentioned it again this week, he didn't shut it down right away, so maybe there's hope! Pretty sure we're sticking with Holly for the first name though, as nothing else has come up and Ada constantly refers to her as "baby Holly" 😍

Movement: Allllllllll the time!! I'm legitimately getting nervous for sleep with this one because it seems like she's never still! Most of the time, I'm loving all the kicks and rubs and pokes. The only time I don't love it is when she repeatedly kicks my bladder. Even if I've just gone to the bathroom, it makes me feel like I have to go again 😂
Sleep: Sleep still isn't too bad. I often have to get up once for a bathroom trip, and my hips are starting to get sore…

ada charlotte {3 years}

Beautiful Ada,

This age is quickly becoming my favorite. People talk about "terrible twos" and "threenagers" and I do definitely see moments of crazy, but there's just so much to LOVE! You are talking SO much, you are so sweet and loving, you are really solidifying some of the habits and manners we've been teaching you, you are funny, and you're becoming independent/self-sufficient in so many ways. It never stops blowing my mind how incredible it is to watch you learn and grow. You make me so proud, no matter how big or small your accomplishment! I have to tell you several times a day, "I just love you!" because I do! And I love that you've started saying the same thing to me randomly. I'm forever grateful you're mine, sweet girl!

29.2 pounds (36%) -- You've gained exactly one pound in the last 6 months, which dropped you down percentile-wise (used to be 50ish%)35.75 (8%) -- You've grown 1-1.25 inches in the last 6 mon…