goals and plans for 2019

I never know how to plan my year -- I see so many pros and cons to any way that people do it. So I guess this is just kind of a thought dump of some of the main things I want to see for myself in 2019.
12 concrete goals: Make a plan for limiting my social media usage and stick to itRead 24 books (12 on sleep, 12 on anything else)Create sleep guides for my businessLearn to drive stickCreate systems for: tidying, cleaning, cooking/meal planning, daily activities with Ada, family activitiesGet together with girlfriends I don't see much (or ever) anymore once/monthStart our first gardenDigitize all photos before 2006Make a mixbook (or multiple mixbooks) of my life up til marriageFind a way to spend one-on-one time with my dad monthlyGo for tea at the Grand America (bonus points if it's for Witches high tea!)Keep my "gift for Jesus" at the forefront of my mind (and actions)
Some daily habit-type goals: At least 10 minutes of scripture reading each morningsuperthinking each…

christmas festivities and fun times 2018

Usually I do separate blog posts for separate activities, but I just wanted to quickly mention all the family fun times we had in December 2018 :)

Santa came to Grandma and Grandpa's house to visit! Ada was interested but also seemed wary/concerned at first. However, she did warm up and we got some better smiles without the concerned eyebrows 😂

We went on the Provo River cruise with Lacey and Ian. There were lots of lights hanging up and a few different scenes (some Santa, some Nativity, one adult Jesus). When we started moving away from Jesus, Ada kept saying, "More Jesus!" We learned that you should definitely bring blankets to sit on during this cruise, because the boat seats are metal and therefore freezing!!

We had a family sleepover at Grandma and Grandpa's house. For the last three years, we've done a little family getaway to the Little America hotel at Christmastime. While we were there last year, we decided we could have just as much fun for a lot less mon…

5 principles to use when decluttering

A series of events/podcasts/messages I've been hearing over the past several months (from Allie Casazza, Jody Moore, Shira Gill [via Brooke Castillo and Jody Moore], and Jen Hatmaker), coupled with the fact that I wanted to spend more than we had saved for Christmas this year, led me to really start decluttering our belongings.

I think the message that spoke most to me and got me started was Jody's podcast on "editing your life." I studied editing in college, and I really loved that metaphor. You edit a manuscript so that it contains exactly the information it needs to be good -- no more, no less; the same can be true of life -- you get rid of all the excess that isn't serving you so that you can focus on all the good stuff. (sidenote -- I can edit other people's writing, but mine always comes out way too wordy, so don't judge me for this super wordy post, along with all my other wordy posts! haha)

I have been LOVING getting rid of things! It's like …

gift for Jesus in 2019

Years ago, Russ and I decided that we wanted to have a white stocking for Jesus to hang alongside our family stockings. Throughout December, it's to remind us to think about what gift we'd like to give to Jesus in the upcoming year. Then, on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day or sometime in December, we take time to really think about what gift we're going to give, we write it down, and put it in the stocking.

However, we've actually never followed through with this. December is busy and all, right?

But when I was reading my scriptures the other day (maybe in Moroni 7, but maybe back in Ether, can't remember), I received a prompting for what I want my gift for Jesus to be in 2019, which is to really focus on repentance.

I haven't committed any major sins like murder or adultery, but I'm most certainly guilty of being unkind, judgmental, lazy, rude, etc. on occasion. However, despite all of my shortcomings, I've never really taken part in the repentance pro…

2018 vision journalling - revisited

At the beginning of the year, I wrote a post about 2018 -- not as though it was going to happen this year, but as if it already had happened. It was a cool exercise, and I was pretty excited about it when I did it. However, I really let myself forget about it too much. I did still think about it somewhat often, but I kind of gave up on many of the goals I set -- after all, they are all mostly things I struggle with! I didn't put in the work that I'd told myself I would. But I said I'd come back with the original post, edited to add or delete information to make it accurate, so here I am to do just that.


2018 was the best year ever [a year just like any other, with a lot of good, a lot of not-so-good; a lot of trial and a lot of growth].

Some of the big things I had to do to make it such an awesome year were to STOP spending so much time on social media, START concretely planning my time and activities, and [I was mostly able to] CONTINUE being kind to my imperfect, h…

2019 list

Every year, I have had this running list of things I can work on. I mostly forget about it, but the idea is that if ever I'm feeling like I don't have anything productive or exciting to do, I can turn to this list and try to accomplish something on it. My goal with this list is usually to accomplish roughly one item per month, however, I think I'll have a more condensed list of things that I really, truly want to accomplish in 2019, so this list may become a bit obsolete.

Anything currently in progress will be in italics, and I'll come back to update this list as I cross anything off :)
Cut back on social media usageFocus on consistencyCome up with a meal-planning strategyTry something newRead a bookGo skinny dippingThrow a dinner party for friendsDo karaokeJoin a sports teamCreate sleep guides for my businessSplurge on something that will last me yearsGo on a cross-country road tripAttend a major sporting eventTake a class that’s totally out of my element, like improv…

2018 list recap

Each year, I make a huge bucket list of things I could do in the year. My goal is (kind of) to do at least one thing each month so that by the end of the year I have 12 concrete things I have accomplished. However, sometimes I forget about the list, so it doesn't necessarily work out to be one thing per month. 
In 2018, I did (or at least made some progress on) 16 concrete things! Anything with its own blog post is linked :) Cut back on social media usage - Well, at least for 10 days, I did a social media fast. I have intentions of putting strict regulations around social media, but have yet to follow through on that 😐Come up with a meal-planning strategy - kind of. I started using Citrus Pear, which is pretty awesome for people like me who HATE all things having to do with meal planning and prep.Read a book - 168 Hours, Make the Bed, The Power of Now, A Simple Favor, 7, and various sleep booksOrganize my closet and get rid of anything I don’t wear - ehhh I've decluttered it,…