holly b {5 months}

size 2 diaperssize 3-6 month clothing13.6 pounds (18%), 25.5 inches (63%)Notable events Nothing too exciting this month!Tricks For a while there, you were REALLY into grabbing your toes (and even sucking on them 😍), but not so much anymore. You're definitely more inclined to do it if there's nothing in your way, aka naked or diaper only.
You don't roll all over the place anymore, but you still will occasionally. Pretty much always back to tummy (haven't seen you do tummy to back in months)Favorite things You like being thrown in the air :)YOU'RE A CUDDLER! Ada was NOT, so this is a welcome change. Like clockwork, as soon as I turn out the light to sing you your bedtime song, you start sucking your thumb and you lay your head down on my shoulder. I LOVE IT SO MUCH.You're obsessed with your dad. I literally cannot feed you if I'm sitting next to him, because you'll lean away from me to look at him and smile instead of eating!You love to squawk and squea…


Show notes for episode 18 of The Rushley Review

In this episode, we talk about:

25 things/impossible goal during quarantineForward momentum when you can't be fully engaged/time managementHow to have big conversations as a couple: ponder and come backFinishing up projects at work (taking the initiative!)Painting boys' nails/gender roles/lots of tangentsPlanning dinner for work Sources mentioned:
Brooke Castillo's Podcast Love is an Open Door video The Family: A Proclamation to the World Brooke & Jody

holly b {4 months}

After way too many blowouts, we finally upped you to size 2 diapersSlowly creeping into your 3-6 month stuff! You still mostly wear jammies, but most of your 0-3 month jammies are on their last few times of you fitting into them, so you've switched over to your one and only 3-6 month pair. Time to buy more! 12.2 pounds (11%), 24.5 inches (50%)Notable events You're living in a time of pandemics and quarantines! Which is pretty wild.We sleep trained you! And you did awesome. Night one was HARD for this mama, but you improved quickly and I'm loving not having to replace that dang binky all the time! Yay for long naps!Tricks Tummy time champ. You basically just stay in it for forever.For a few days, you were practicing really hard rolling from back to tummy. Then, you finally did it! (You were about 15 weeks old.) And then, you were kinda like, "Okay, I did it, and now I'm done," so you stopped for two weeks. And then all of a sudden, literally today, you deci…


In case you didn't know, Russ and I started a podcast (it's called The Rushley Review)! So I'll be publishing brief show notes for every episode from here on out :) In this episode, we talk about:
- self-motivation at work
- sleep training holly
- weird pet projects
- youtube date nights
- mantra ("I can do something")
- rampage of appreciation/balance of scenarios

Sources mentioned:
Ashley's business website
Kid President Pep Talk
Learn to be a Great Kisser youtube video (not explicit, but I probably wouldn't watch it with kids around)
9 Places to Touch a Man youtube video (not explicit, but I probably wouldn't watch it with kids around)
Jody Moore's podcast (couldn't figure out the exact episode . . . something in the 240's)
Brooke Castillo's podcast

ada charlotte {3.5 years}

Dear Ada,

You're so big. It's crazy! Sometimes I look over at you and . . . you're just TALL! How did my baby grow so much??

It's been a big 6 months . . . You got a little sister! And you love her so much 😊 You really welcomed her into our family, and I've loved seeing you love and take care of her. However, I'd be lying if I said it was an easy transition! You used to get so much one-on-one time with mama, and now you have to share your whole world with Holly. This has resulted in a lot of wildness from you, and I haven't dealt with it very well. I'm learning more and more that I'm not very patient, but I hope I can learn to be more patient, and I hope you can forgive all the times when I'm not. I love you like crazy, my big girl, but I'm far from perfect. Thanks for continuing to love me even when I lose my cool. I'm glad you'll always be my girl 💗

31.0 pounds (31%) and 3' 1.5" (37.5 inches) (26%) -- Looks like you…

holly b {3 months}

size 1 diaperssize 0-3 month clothing, but you could probably start into your 3-6 month stuff pretty soon. Also, for the record, I am now dressing you in actual clothes occasionally :)12.0 pounds (29%), 23.5 inches (49%)Notable events Well, it's nothing that you'll remember, but Corona Virus has basically made it seem like it's the end of the world! We're social distancing (aka, SO MUCH ISOLATION), grocery stores are barren, and everything just feels weird! Oh, not to mention that then we had an earthquake, so really the world is probably ending ha.You're almost full-time in the crib after we moved Ada to a big girl bed. You do all naps in it, and you sleep in it at night until your night feed. Then you finish the night in the pack'n'play in our room.Tricks We didn't do full-on tummy time with you for the first couple months because the hospital told us to basically do less intense versions for the first two months. But now you do some tummy time and…

holly b {2 months}

size 1 diapers0-3 month "clothing," but let's be honest, you're in jammies all day, every day11.19 pounds (43%), 23 inches (70%)Notable events Your future favorite cousin (Rosie) was born! I know you'll be favorites because you're close in age, the same gender, and your parents hang out with her parents regularly :)First time at church! We went much sooner with Ada, but at least one person in our house has been sick pretty much every week, so we didn't make it til you were 8 weeks old.Tricks Lots of kicking and moving your body! Smiling 😍 You started out with a sort of half smile, but you've definitely graduated to full smiles :) you started smiling around 7 weeks.You're cooing, grunting, and just talking! It's so cute! Started closer to 8 weeks.Starting to give more eye contact/follow things with your eyes.Favorite things You are such a chill baby!! You cry when you're hungry (especially when I have to burp you or switch sides -- you&#…