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master builder {garage shelving}

Our first project of 2016 was to add some shelving to our garage. It's a small 2-car garage, so with our two cars and all of our stuff, we needed better organization in there. We used money we got for Christmas and Russ made the plans on a site called tinkercad. It was so fun to see him come up with the design and then make it a reality! I knew I had a good fix-it man, but his brother Lance is generally the builder. Well, Russ proved with this project that he definitely can be a master builder when he wants to be :)
We actually started the project on New Year's Eve in the afternoon, and worked all the way until 2 or 3am. It was absolutely FREEZING in the garage, and even after being in bed for 20 minutes post finishing, my skin was still cold to the touch! It was not the most pleasant experience, but I love love love having the shelves in our garage. Everything is so much cleaner and better organized! Also, though Russ did all the hard work, I just want to mention that I stay…

0 to 60 in no time flat {new job & new calling}

I meant to blog after my first week at my new job, but that obviously didn't happen since I'm now finishing up my third! Life is cuh-razy now, in case you were wondering.

{new job}I now work Monday through Friday from about 8-5. My job is pretty cool and has lots of perks. A few of them are monthly birthday parties (a paid 45-minute event where we get a treat and get to hear about people who had birthday or work anniversaries), daily team-building breaks (paid 30-minute breaks where we play fun games like Snake Oil or the Skittles game), food truck Friday (a different food truck chills outside our building every Friday for a few hours during lunchtime), and 10am & 4pm stretching (just my team, just at our desks, but we usually all migrate together to chat for 5-10 minutes). There are also random optional things going on, like a monthly book club and yoga 2x/week during lunch, as well as currently a Bachelor bracket challenge, an Oscars nominee challenge, and a lip sync comp…

28 looks good on you, birthday boy ;)

I've always had a hard time with Russ's birthday because it's January 3rd, right after all the holiday chaos. It's just hard to devote the proper birthday attention when I haven't had any time to plan or prepare for another event! But Russ was a lucky man this year because he finally got a good celebration-- a 3-day celebration, even! Since his birthday fell on a Sunday (a fast Sunday! [aka a non-eating-except-for-dinner day]), we did most of the celebrating on Saturday. 

In the morning, I made a yummy breakfast of french toast, bacon, and hash browns and served them on our special plate
After that, we took a pause in the celebrations, because I really wanted to clean the house haha. I had given Russ the option of cleaning together Friday night or Saturday afternoon and so that's just how everything worked out.
We weren't too hungry after our big breakfast, so we ended up just having an afternoon snack at Swig.
The big thing we did that day was go-kart r…