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ada charlotte {4 months}

Dear Little Miss,
I still haven't gotten you to laugh, but you get me to laugh whenever you burst into a big smile; it just makes me so happy! I love spending time with you, playing with you, and taking care of you. My only wish is that I could have more of that time! I love you!
Love, Daddy 

My dearest little one,

Another month has gone by and you're even cuter :) You would be the most perfect baby if only you would learn to nap! But even though you still aren't napping well, I love you so much and I'll keep you :)

It's so fun watching you learn, grow, and discover. I love every new thing that you do, and I'm so excited for the fun things in your future! Lately I've been thinking about how I'll probably start feeding you some real food soon, and thinking about that makes me so happy because it's another instance of you discovering. In fact, I've already started letting you taste (lick) a few things. Your first taste was an apple slice, and since t…