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life lately

Has been a whirlwind! Here's a few things that have been keeping us occupied over here at the Holmes home:

+     Yard. We bought a brand new house last year, complete with . . . no yard to speak of. No sprinkling systems, no grass, no plants, just dirt. We had hopes to put it in last spring, then last fall, and now this spring. But it's a tough project! There's a lot that we don't know how to do and a lot that we don't have the right equipment for. Right now we're trying to find the balance between doing what we can ourselves and hiring out other stuff. The problem with hiring out is that it's spring! Aka, busy season, aka, no one is available! We have a tentative want-to-be-done-by date of June 4, but so far, we haven't managed to check off any of our tasks in time! We're about to end week 3 of our 8ish week plan, and I think by the end of the week, we'll have accomplished . . . one . . . week's worth of tasks. Bah! Recommendations welcome.…

it's a . . .


Finding Out
I was just a bucket of excitement on Sunday as we headed to our ultrasound. We got to go in on a Sunday because Uncle Rick is an OB and said we should come in when the office was empty. It was so nice! And so funny every time we told people we were "finding out on Sunday." My favorite response was from a woman who is a Young Women leader with me -- She got this worried face, and after I told her how we were getting to go on a Sunday, she looked relieved and told me that she had thought, "Umm . . . where are you going?! This sounds sketchy! Ashley -- Doctor's offices aren't open on Sundays!" It was just funny :)

I've been very open throughout the whole pregnancy that I thought this baby was a girl. But on the morning of the ultrasound, I got kind of worried that it would be a boy and I would somehow be disappointed! I knew that I would love the baby no matter what, but it was like my brain was wired to think "girl," and I knew …

state #9 -- new mexico

a;lsdijf;asidjf; I hate this post so much. I spent over an hour on it and put in like a million pics and then blogger decided not to save it, so when I returned to finish it up, it had about 30% of the total. Without all the million pictures. Which means that I now have to do all that work again. I'm pretty sure I'll forgo some details. Ughhhhh...okay, end of rant.

For anyone who doesn't know, Russ is currently restoring a 1966 Volvo Amazon. He likes to spend all our spare money on new parts ;) It took a while, but he finally got it up and running recently! He's even taken it out for a few spins around the block, though always when I'm gone so I've never seen it (is it really running? hmm... ;) ). However, the car is still riddled with rust damage, so he's been wondering what to do about that. In his online searches for parts, he found a guy in New Mexico who was selling a Volvo body that was in much better shape than Russ's Volvo. Russ asked me about g…