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ada charlotte {8 months}

Baby girl of mine 💕

Time is just flying by! I was looking at some videos from last December the other day, and I realized how much you really have learned and grown since then! My little baby is growing up! You are no longer barely moving and barely making expressions like back in December -- instead, you are moving ALL. THE. TIME. and smiling or growling all the time, too :) Heaven help me when you're finally crawling -- you'll be into everything!

Thanks for being my little bestie. I love spending my days with you, even when I don't get enough done, even when you're making messes, and even when you take crappy naps and drive me nuts. I want to be home with you, so I wouldn't have it any other way. You are so sweet and so funny and I'm just grateful that you're mine, sweet girl.
Stats You weigh 17 pounds (40%) and are 27 inches long (48%). 8 months old and I dressed you in the onesie we brought you home from the hospital in YESTERDAY. The long sleeves are a…