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ada's second birthday

For Ada's birthday this year, I wanted to keep things suuuuuper low-key. It was so easy to go overboard last year, that I wanted to avoid that :)

So we just invited a few of Ada's friends to meet us at a nearby park to play and eat cake, and that's exactly what we did! We were kinda sad not too many people could make it, since we invited like 10 families, but we were happy to have those who did make it :)

Ada mostly just wanted to swing the whole time -- didn't care much about the cake (a school bus because she loves to sing "wheels on the bus") or her friends. Definitely wasn't too interested in photos! 😂

On her actual birthday (the next day), we had a family dinner with my family, so she got to open some presents and see her cousins.

We're so grateful for our sweet little 2-year-old! :)

ada charlotte {24 months}

My sweet Ada Girl,

YOU ARE TWO! I may have said this before, but time flies when you're the parent :) I can't believe how much you've learned and grown over the last year. On your birthday last year, you had no teeth, you weren't walking, and I think you were saying about 3 words. Now you have 16 teeth, you're running and dancing all over the place, and you say at least 150 words, but I'm definitely not counting anymore. You are mischievous, helpful, opinionated, and sweet. You know no strangers because you're so very friendly! You do funny and adorable things -- like saying "come on!" to balloons as you pull them around, or saying "hi guys!" to the whole Barbie aisle. I love seeing the world through your eyes. I love YOU! Thanks for being my little best friend :)

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